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Boost your healthy eating habits with a cup of Iaso Instant Tea infused with Hemp. This is a powerful hemp extract detox tea

Each single-serve sachet of instant tea is infused with 10mg of CO2-derived, pure hemp 

Iaso Instant Tea Infused with CBD and Hemp Extract

The Colorado-grown agricultural hemp is processed with cutting-edge CO2 extraction technology for a chemical-free, non-psychoactive experience.

Some of the most popular benefits of full-spectrum CBD hemp relate to healthy weight loss, improved sleep, balanced mood, and increased energy.

Drinking one cup of Iaso Instant Tea Infused with CBD 30 minutes before your biggest meal, five times a week, may help to reduce your appetite and trigger a feeling of fullness that limits overeating!

The chamomile tea is light and soothing with anti-inflammatory papaya extract, detoxifying cassia angustifolia extract, and filling soluble fiber.

Five all-natural extracts enhance the CBD benefits of the Iaso Instant Tea Infused with CBD to help you slim down, cleanse your gut, and find a better sense of balance.

No other detox, cleanse or weight loss tea can deliver results like Iaso Tea Instant Infused with CBD and hemp extract - because none we've seen combine some many different cutting-edge 100% natural ingredients.

Losing weight and feeling great is as easy as sipping a cup of tea with poweful hemp extract

So, order today and start sipping away those pounds today.

  • 10mg full-spectrum CBD Hemp Extract per serving
  • Rich source of dietary fiber
  • 5 all-natural extracts for health and weight loss
  • Optimal use 5 days per week
  • Drink 30 minutes before eating
  • Feel full faster
  • Delicious hot or cold