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This box contains everything you need to get you right. If your someone that wanna lose belly fat, than this box is especially for you.



Our 14 Day TEATOX is made with all natural herbs and is caffeine free. Drink 1 tea bag every other day(add honey for taste).

Our 4oz Fat-a-Way Sweat Cream is made with all natural ingredients including essential oils. Rub a small amount onto your belly. That burning sensation you feel is just confirmation that you are on your way to getting rid of that belly. Use daily

Our One Size Wrap-A-Round Snatch Belt (double Velcro) is gong to get you together sis. Use daily 

This snatch Belt made of Stretchy neoprene finest fabric,

Double velcro 

 Our Wrap A Round Snatch Belt is the perfect garment that helps you burn fat and calories durning exercising, running errands, completing household tasks, or going about your normal daily activities. Perfect to pair with our Fat-A-Way Sweat Cream

  • Seamless
  •  It increases metabolism
  • flattens the abdomen to help define your curves.
  •  Reduces and snatches the waist to give you that sexy  hourglass figure
  • straightens your posture and provides lower back support
  • For daily use, underclothes, workouts, post-surgery, or postpartum, and running errands.
  • 3MM long
  • Care Instructions
  • Machine Wash
  •  fits all body shapes and types so there is no need to worry about finding your size.