My Story


After being diagnosed with Lupus in 2017 which is an severe Autoimmune Disease, Amy Lawrence founded Shape It Up Sis. Amy was placed on several medications which cause her to gain over 50lbs. She found herself going through depression and severe anxiety and turn to fitness and healthy eating as a way to cope with her illnesses. After researching different ways to help with her Disease she turn to a more natural healthy lifestyle and shared her story and journey via her social media platforms and formed a community of women who also wanted to change their lifestyle through healthy habits.


Shape It Up Sis was created to help women all over the world who wanted to change their unhealthy habits. Amy life challenges is what inspired my brand and she’s on a mission to help women live a more heathier, confident, fit life. She created amazing products for women of all shapes and sizes on their wellness.


Shape It Up Sis was featured in Shoutout Atlanta and