Cabbage Soup Cleanse(instand download)

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Please Read Carefully ‼️‼️‼️ 

THIS IS A 5 DAY CLEANSE STARTING ON MONDAY TO FRIDAY RESUME REGULAR EATING ON SATURDAY. I RECOMMEND YOU MAKE YOUR POT OF CABBAGE ON SUNDAY TO BE BETTER PREPARED . You can do it for any 5 days you prefer but we recommend M-F. We included a sample meal plan inside. Cabbage soup in low in calories, high in fiber so you can eat it unlimited 🥰 Drinks lots of water, be active and reap the benefits 



Cabbage has diuretic properties that helps get rid your body of excess liquid and toxins. It helps cleanse your liver and colon. Which is why cabbage forms the base for this detox cleanse cabbage soup.

This cleanse is perfect for jump starting your healthy eating journey, if you need a super cleanse & to reset your body.


I highly recommend you complete the full 5 days for the cleanse to effective 

‼️‼️Remember this is a 5 day cleanse so we eliminating ALL BULLS*** during these 5 days 

no junk, no sugary drinks, no alcohol, no fast food, no snack unless it’s healthy, no caffeine, no smoking, etc.

lots of water & green tea recommended 



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