Shape It Up Juice Recipes ( Instant Download)

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You’ll love the health benefits of juicing. That is, if you want to supercharge your health, boost your immune system and lose a bunch of fat.

Put your hand up if that sounds like you.

With me?


Juicing is awesome. It tastes fantastic. With all sorts of flavors and interesting combinations, your tastebuds will be leaping for delight each morning when you make your first juice of the day. But it’s not just taste that we juice for. It’s also for the awesome health benefits of juicing.


The health benefits of juicing are simply astounding. You can drink a glass packed with the nutrients, enzymes, vitamins and minerals of a pile of fresh produce.

Rather than cooking them up separately, you combine them all together into a juicer.

Five minutes later you’ve got a glass of life-giving liquid sunshine.

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